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Halfords Business Services
Bulk Product Purchase

Halfords Business Services offers business customers the ability to purchase quantities of it's product at discounted prices. Pricing structures will vary dependant upon volume, but we think you will find us to be the most competitive in the market.

Phone us on 08450 778 851 or submit the form here

Account Customers

Before accepting a company as an account customer Halfords would wish to complete a credit check. We will require the companies registered name and address and Company Registration Number. Once a successful credit check has been completed we will invoice the company at the end of each calendar month for the number of units that have been installed in that month. The company has 30 days to pay the Halfords invoice.

Fulfilment can be via varied means and we will discuss this with you during the transaction process. We often use the 400 store network to fulfil our orders or we work with Halfords web store to ship the goods to you. Visit us on-line today to see the vast array of products - www.halfords.com


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